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Battery Basics and Beyond

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SW4: Batteries have been around for a long time, but it’s only relatively recently that we have had the Lithium Ion cells used in our vaping devices (and other places). We go deep on batteries: from their history, to their composition, different configurations and of course practical safety tips.

Internal Structure of Lithium Ion Battery

Mooch is the authority on battery testing and you should check his data and results whenever you want to know about specific batteries.
Test Results:
Mooch’s blog:

Pictures of battery configurations below from

Batteries in Parallel
Batteries in Series
Batteries in Para-Series Configuration

Once you know the Amp limits of your batteries, use this simple Ohms Law calculator for determining safe builds for your particular setup.

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Tool Talk

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SW3: We’re calling this episode Tool Talk. At the height of rebuildable popularity, I was building about a thousand coils a month for our own shop and others across North America. In this episode, I cover off the tools that you’ll need to get started on building and some that you might want to level up your tool collection. I’ve included a few build tips as well. 

To see examples of some of the tools that I mention in the episode, see

See below for a photograph of the knitting needle trick that I mention in the episode. 

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Gaslighting the Vape Community

March 15, 2020

SW2: In this episode we take a lighthearted look at a serious issue: the massive scale gaslighting of the vape community by lobbyists, the media, and some public health officials. Kick back with a vape and a bevvie and see if you can spot the number of times people have tried these very tactics on you. 

The Great Gaslighting (long form on Controversial by Default)

Did Somebody Leave the Gaslight On? on SaddlehorseBlues

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Vaping and COVID

March 15, 2020 Spinning Wires

SW1: We cover COVID-19 in our first episode: where we are with it right now, how it has affected the vape industry, propaganda, and what you can do to protect yourself and help to flatten the curve. Don’t worry, we try not to get too heavy about it. 

Note: numbers are constantly changing, as expected. As of Sunday March 15th, the number of tests performed in Canada was at about 25,000 and the number of confirmed cases had increased to 300. Looking for updates? Check out the links below.

Health Canada COVID-19 Outbreak Update:

U.S. Center for Disease Control and Prevention COVID19:

Worldometers- tracking COVID19: