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Interview with Logan_exhales

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In this episode I’m excited to have a very special guest. Logan_exhales stops by to discuss harm reduction, advocacy and more including Logan’s show, The Rise and Vape Podcast.
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2 thoughts on “Interview with Logan_exhales

  1. According to Web MD , 500 people had suicidal thoughts or behaviors, with 32 completed suicides due to chantix

    1. Our data in Canada is pretty stark too, Lorri. I’ve taken the quote below from one of Brandee’s recent articles on Controversial by Default:

      In 2015, the Vancouver Sun analyzed Health Canada’s own data on varenicline use in Canada (sold under the Champix brand) and found that in the first seven years of legal sales in Canada “…in addition to the 44 deaths, there were about 350 reports of Champix causing suicide attempts or suicidal ideation, 30 reports of homicidal ideation, and 64 of amnesia. There were also approximately 600 reports of Champix causing depression, 230 of aggression, 180 of anger, and 150 of mental side-effects, including hallucinations and psychotic disorders.”

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