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Resisting Prohibition and Building a Bigger Tent

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SW10: On this week’s episode we start with some Canadian vape news coming out of Nova Scotia and then move on to discussing prohibition and overregulation in a broader context. We talk about whether compromise with the anti-vaping side is possible and measures that we can take to protect and grow the community.
Here’s a link to CASAA, a consumer advocate group based in the United States:

1 thought on “Resisting Prohibition and Building a Bigger Tent

  1. great information Brandee and Shane. My recent relapse with cigarettes led me through a deeper search of various vape products because all of a sudden my way of vaping just wasn’t working for me. I needed to research the vape world and found out that right now, what is working for me is the extra boost I get from DNA vaping devices along with RTAs. I never used to use RTAs. But my point being, without exploring other options I’d probably still be smoking. So in theory for me, having options proves to be beneficial on my journey. If I was limited to just pods, well that just didn’t work for me. And while it might work for some, like you said we need to be all inclusive when advocating.

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