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The Scoop on Mechanical Mods

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With all the different vape devices available these days, mechanical mods are still quite popular. On this episode I sit down with Brandee and discuss mechanical mods. We talk about the things we like about them as well as some of the things we don’t.  We explain what some of the terms mean and throw in a little trivia as well.

1 thought on “The Scoop on Mechanical Mods

  1. great podcast Brandee and Shane. Most of my mechs are higher end squonks. I just don’t feel comfortable with tubes, although I have 2 dotmod tubes. As far as safety, it’s the driven in fear that people put in me that make me nervous, even though I find regulated mods tend to have more issues. For me I’m a single coil gal, so I’m usually caught with a dna75c these days.
    Love your show my friends. Gotta go set up my Nio. Thanks

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